Monday, August 3, 2015

Personalized Stamps

I am beyond excited about the personalized stamps that I created on  I can not wait to use them on my student's papers!  I really hope they love them too. 

All this started last year when I was on Pinterest and came across two pins that made me think, "Hmmm... I could do that!"  Isn't that how it always starts?  Lol...Thankfully this time I was oh so right!  The first pin that I pinned was a tutorial by Kindercraze on how to create stamps on Vistaprint.

Vistaprint stamps
Click the picture above to pin the video tutorial.  It'll make you wonder why you didn't already know how to create these stamps!  It really is that easy.  I also pinned this pin by 2 Crazy Texas Teachers.
Vistaprint Stamps

Click the picture above to pin the post by 2 Crazy Texas Teachers.  So even though a year had past, I REALLY wanted to create my own stamps.  So, when I saw an amazing Groupon $17 for $70 on Vistaprint I had to buy it.  The stamps are not cheap, but with this Groupon I was able to make the three stamps.  I did have to pay shipping, because the Groupon does not cover shipping cost.  You need to keep your eye out for that Groupon. They run that same special every so often.

I'll have to let you know what my students think once I get to use them on their papers.  My goal is to use the stamps on graded papers, station assignments, homework, and other things like that. 

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