Friday, January 1, 2016

Do you Kahoot?

I'm linking up with a group of amazing second grade teachers to bring you some awesome ideas for this month.

Isn't it funny how educators have two end of the years and two beginning of the years?  School wise we are in the middle of the year.  The end of Christmas break to be exact.  When we return to school next week, we will have to review many things from skills to classroom management.

I'm here to share with you a way to review skills.  Have you ever heard of a game called Kahoot

My students absolutely LOVE Kahoot!  Students need a device (iPod, iPad, Tablet, cellphone, etc.) to play.  Students can either play with everyone having a device or on teams.  If your class does not have any devices, you can still enjoy Kahoot by having students write their answers on dry erase boards or their desks.
Kahoot is an interactive engaging techy game.  You can create your own game with your own questions or you can use games that have already been created by other teachers.  Below is a tutorial for setting up and using Kahoot.

Students love novelty.  This is definitely a game you can add to your lessons or reviews here and there to get your students to be actively engaged.  Students can even create questions for you!  If you haven't already used Kahoot in your classroom, consider giving it a try.
That's all I got!  See you around the blogging world.


  1. I LOVE Kahoot and use it all the time. My kids love it too!!

  2. Thanks for linking up with us this month! I've never heard of Kahoot, so I was excited to read your post. :)

  3. I'm thankful for techie teachers like you! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the great idea Francheryl!!!

  5. What a great app! Definitely going to give it a try with my kids.

  6. Wow! That is a great game, I love it! I am not a teacher but sometimes my co-workers from here ask me to play with their children. Kahoot is a wonderful way to spent time with kids.

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