Friday, February 6, 2015

TPT Blogger Product Swap

I am so happy to be participating in my first TPT product swap.  It was exciting to preview a product from another TPT seller.  I got the pleasure to preview a product from The Third Wheel.

The Third Wheel

She was so gracious to allow me to pick any product in her store to preview.  I chose her Multiplication Gottcha

Multiplication Gotcha

I work with intervention students in grades K-5 for reading and math.  My 4th and 5th graders are still struggling with automaticity of their multiplication facts.  That was my main reason for choosing this product.  My goal is always to motivate them to study and practice their facts each day.  Winning a game usually gets them in motion!
This game contain 234 cards.  Yep, you read that right!  234 cards!  Some of the cards have multiplication number sentences on them and other have a product on them.  The structure of this game is like Uno, which makes it very easy for the students to play. 
Oh.My.Goodness y'all my students were so very excited to play this game.  I did have two students that had never played Uno before, so the first round went a little slow so that I could walk them through each step and to give them time to get the jist of the game. 

Ignore the mess in the room!  In our district intervention comes to the students to reduce travel time, so I work with all my groups in empty rooms around the building as close to their grade level as possible.  This room is the PTA room and these are my fourth graders.  Some were more eager than other to take this picture. 
We played many round over the course of a couple of days.  They enjoyed the game and have already asked if we will ever play again.  I have promised to pull this out again very soon!  Since these are intervention students and we have been working on strategies to help them get the correct answer when they do not know the product to a multiplication problem, I gave them scratch paper to use during the game.  I did require my students to say the number sentence with the correct product as they played their cards. For the cards that only had the product, I required them to give me a number sentence that equals that product. 
As we were playing this game, I thought these cards could also be used to play multiplication war.  My students love to play war.  This game would work well in a station.  It could also be used during indoor recess which seems to be popular right now since some days are really cold depending on where you live. 
You can also find Addition Gotcha and Division Gotcha in her store as well!  She shared them with me and they are amazing as well!  She has discounted them all through Sunday (2/8/15) to $2.00!  That is an awesome deal!  Hop on over to her TPT store The Third Wheel and check them out.  While you are there you might as well become a follower so you will get notifications when she adds more awesome things to her store.
That's all I got!  See you around the blogging world!