Monday, October 14, 2013

Smelly Hand

Have you heard about Smelly Hands?

I hope you liked my poem!  Lol!! I was inspired!

I work with intervention students in grades K-5.  I need a quick way to reward them each day without spending a ton of money.  I knew smelly hand would work for Kindergarten and First Grade, but I was not quite sure what to do for Second grade through Fifth grade.  One of the teachers on my team told me that the older students love smelly hand as well.  I have to admit I was not too sure about this and I was a little embarrassed to ask my Fifth graders if they wanted a smelly hand at the end of our time together.  Boy was I wrong!  They really do like it!

So you may be asking what is a smelly hand.  You rub scented lip balm or chapstick on the back of their hand.  I've had students really upset when they did not earn a smelly hand because of behavior.  My younger students like the fruity scents like watermelon, cherry, and strawberry.  The older students like the soda and candy scents like Sprite, Coke, Laffy Taffy, etc.  ChapStick also has some pretty good scents like Red Velvet, Cake Batter, Green Apple, and Raspberry Crème.  I found my lip balm at Walmart, but I'm sure they can be found other places as well.  However, when students ask, "Where did you get your smelly hand?"  We tell them we got it at the Smelly Hand store and only teachers can go there.  Haha!  Of course not all of them believe us!  I do not let my students put on the smelly hand by themselves.  I do it for them.  Oh and a little goes a long way!

Smelly hand has worked really well as an everyday reinforcement for behavior.  I'm so happy they like it!  Go out and get your smelly hand today!
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